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Duval Research is based and works primarily with the companies in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina and southern Florida

Duval Research provides design and analysis services and solutions to assist companies in the mechanical aspects of electronic and optical products.

We primarily deal with products that will be operated in Severe environments of heat, shock and vibration.  This includes, aerospace conduction-cooled boards and enclosures, submarine, locomotive and other rugged/severe environment systems.  Additionally we design high power density computer cooling systems that may not require high vibration but severely stretch standard cooling methods.

Optically, we emphasize laparoscope and micro projector design along with Head Mount Display (HMD).  Our staff has been involved with 12 HMD designs to date from medical to 60 degree FOV walk around systems.

If these you or your company is in or entering into a severe environment and would like some assistance please contact us and we will see if we can put our experience to work for you.

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Vibration analysis of test fixture showing resonance.

Optical laparoscope and miniature projector design assistance.